Adam Kuettel (APMA®) is an accomplished financial services executive currently based in Bentonville, Arkansas.

Adam Kuettel has enjoyed a lifelong infatuation with financial markets, drawn to businesses and their inner machinations from a very young age. What began as a personal curiosity rapidly bloomed into a full-fledged passion by the time Adam completed his education. Working in finance has afforded Adam the opportunity to help people achieve real, life changing goals. Whether this means securing a viable retirement solution, helping a family put their children through college, or leading his clients over any number of other financial hurdles, Adam deeply appreciates  the opportunity to leverage his expertise in finance, economics, accounting, and the business world into real value for his clients.

Adam began his career with Beall Barclay & Company PLC as a member of their elite wealth management team. He provided critical resource to the firm, designing and presenting investing, tax, insurance, and benefit strategies for his clients. He also helped actively grow assets while maintaining the current firm client book. His work earned him an invitation to join Dividend Capital as a wholesaler, wherein his increased the capital inflow of his assigned region by a whopping 781% in just his first year. Adam also spearheaded educational programs for clients and advisors on alternative assets.

In 2011, Adam joined Praedium Consulting as a Principal, where he developed a sales platform for 1031 exchanges. Adam also oversaw research on national 1031 market opportunities and facilitated seamless transactions between institutions and clients.


In 2012, Adam Kuettel established NWA Financial Partners, a full-service independent financial planning firm that always puts clients’ interests first. Under his leadership, NWA Financial Partners remains unwavering in its commitment to building relationships on trust that can last decades, going far beyond just trade or insurance policy. Adam deeply understands that business is earned and partnering with his clients is nothing short of a privilege.


Adam Kuettel earned his Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance and Marketing from the University of Central Arkansas. Adam holds a Series 66 (Securities Agent and Investment Advisor Representative) certification, as well as an Arkansas Insurance Life and Health License.

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As the owner and Managing Partner of NWA Financial Partners, Adam Kuettel offers expert investment, retirement, estate, and insurance planning guidance to support his clientele in Bentonville and around the country. Additionally, he provides strategic financial insight for high net worth families. Adam is also a Partner at Argo Capital Partners.

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Reach out to Adam Kuettel to learn more about independent financial planning. You can email Adam by filling out the contact form below or stay in touch by following him on social media. You can call him at 479-270-4092.


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