For many people, managing their finances is a daily struggle. Perhaps you are trying to find some unique ways to manage your money or you’re thinking about saving money for your retirement. Regardless of what your financial goals are, a personal finance blog can be helpful. Many people are turning to personal finance blogs to learn how to successfully manage their finances. Here are some personal finance blogs that can help you achieve the financial independence that you are looking for.

Budgets Are Sexy (J. Money)

The primary goal of Budgets Are Sexy is to help people take control of their finances through strategic budgeting. J. Money lists different concepts that help readers pay attention to how much income they are grossing in order to cover the amount of money that they spend. J. Money posts free budget spreadsheets and budget templates on the blog. The material is a mixture of original templates that J. Money created along with information from other bloggers. All of the templates and spreadsheets can be customized to suit your individual needs.

Afford Anything (Paula Pant)

Afford Anything is a blog designed to help maintain the freedom to purchase things that you need and want. Pant challenges people to think outside the cubicle and daily stress of their job. Pant recognizes that many people would love to leave their job and work for themselves. Afford Anything is about helping readers achieve the financial freedom that they want and helping them live life on their terms.

Frugaling (Sam Lustgarten)

Lustgarten was inspired to blog after accumulating a large amount of student loan debt. Lustgarten understands the negative aspects of the word frugal. However, he strives to make frugal become synonymous with saving money, living well, and being generous. Lustgarten promotes the concept of minimalism, which refutes the idea that having more of something automatically means success.

MoneyNing (David Ning)

MoneyNing is a blog designed to help people save and invest, while also taking advantage of discounts, coupons, and promo codes. MoneyNing advises readers to use a two prong approach to achieve financial freedom and wealth. Ning wants people to focus on making money and living frugally. MoneyNing is also known for having detailed bank reviews. Each bank review features information on the safety of the bank, the products that they offer, and their rates.

Get Rich Slowly (J.D. Roth)

Get Rich Slowly takes a realistic approach to helping people try to achieve a better financial situation. Roth tries to get readers to avoid strategies that are high risk. Instead he asks that you focus on making simple, smart decisions that will pay off in the future. Get Rich Slowly compiles the work of multiple writers to help readers get a wider perspective on their financial situation.