Summer has a way to drain your wallet. With all of the vacations and dinners out with friends, money disappears a lot quicker when it’s warm out. If you want to enjoy your summer, and save some money, follow these four tips to help make sure your finances stay in order.


Create a summer budget

To avoid spending too much money on summer activities, create a realistic budget first. If you have any plans to travel, plan out how much all of the food, lodging, gas and activities will cost you. Then, stick to your budget. Use a budgeting app to help you keep track of how much you’re spending, and what you’re spending it on.


Prepare a list of budget-friendly activities

Do some research into some low-cost activities you can do where you live. Think bowling, mini-golf or other affordable, but fun, ways to stay entertained. Don’t forget about all of the free options that are available to you. Look into any programs that your local library or parks offer and take advantage of them!


Earn a second income

If you don’t want to be low on money all summer, get a summer job. Look into picking up a few shifts at a nearby restaurant or take a few hours at a store at the mall. If you don’t have the time to take on a part-time job, consider asking your boss for a raise. Even a small increase in your income could make a huge difference in your summer budget. Other quick ways to make some extra money would be holding a yard sale and getting rid of any clothes, shoes, books or furniture you no longer wear.


Start paying with all cash

If you have a really tough time saving money and following your budget, then start using only cash. At the beginning of each week, withdraw as much money as you plan to spend that week and only use that money. Only use your checking account to pay your bills. Holding all of the money you need for the week in your hand will make it much harder for you to spend over your weekly allotment.